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Frequently Asked Questions

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We have developed a program called You-Shoot-Too. Your guests will have access to a number of digital cameras provided by Life at Play during the event. Your guests will then be able to take pictures anywhere during the event and get them printed before leaving your event. Imagine all of the "interesting” shots that will come from your guests, the amateur photographers.

Simply go to Plan an Event section or contact us at 1-855-GOEVENT

Our equipment is mobile and that means we can come to you. Give us a call to discuss our availability in your area.

Yes and much more. We offer the largest selections of photo gifts at our Life At Play Store. Please call or visit the Life At Play Store for more details. Whether it is photograph from your event or your own personal photos, we have a gift that is perfect for you.

We use professional grade DSLR cameras and professional grade flash for our photography. We use state-of-the art monitors and computers to run a smooth operation at your event. Our music system is a professional grade audio system delivering your choice of music. Best of all, our printers cannot be beat. The quality of the photographs are sure to wow your guests.

Yes. Each station will have 2 attendants who will set up and operate the equipment but more importantly will get the party atmosphere going by getting your guests to relax, have fun, and take some great pictures at your event.

Our attendants will look and act very professional. Their outfits will include our Life At Play logo. If you have a special request for their outfits, please contact us.

Your guest will have unlimited access to our photo station and our printers. Images on DVD and Memory sticks are also available. All of your guests will also have access to their photos on our web site.

Yes. We can meet prior to the event to determine the best location for the photo station and how to customize your Life at Play experience to best fit your needs.

Your guest will step into the photo station area. They will be handed a remote. Your guests will pose in front of the camera and go as wild as they want and then take their own pictures

Your guests will receive 4x6 or 5x7 professional grade photographs at the event.

Your guests will receive email notification after the event regarding photos taken during your event. They will then be able to access these photographs on our web site.

That is entirely up to you. We can make it as private or as public as you want.

Our stations consists of a camera stand and printer stands. There are monitors, computers, sound system, and other cool stuff that make the whole thing work. One thing is for sure, there is high wow factor to our set up.

We know parties sometime run longer than expected – and that’s a sign that people are having fun, We’ll be there at your party to keep the fun going.

This unique program is set up to decrease the true cost of our system to you. For more details see our information in the Smile Dollar Section.

Our Partner program allows us to work with other service providers in our area to not only provide better service and value to our customers but also benefit our referral partners financially. For more details, visit our "Partner" section or contact us at 1-855-GOEVENT.

Life At Play has developed a brand that is well suited for a national presence. Contact us for more information


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