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Go Team!
Go Team!
Go Team!

Many businesses and organizations have ongoing needs to create events that will further their goals, motivate their members and celebrate successes.

How Life at Play will make your event special.

Corporate event planners are always looking to make their events more enjoyable and memorable. The last thing anyone wants is to spend a lot of corporate money putting an event together and have the guest wanting to forget the event ever happened. Life at Play is the one-stop solution to your needs to make your event fun and memorable. As our name suggests, we bring Life and Play to your event. By adding it on the photographs, we’ll make sure that your brand, logo, or message is anything but anonymous. We’ll ensure that your event, company, product, or service is remembered and shared by your guests by appealing to something they’re actually interested in — themselves.

Each guest will take away from the event their favorite individual or group photo(s) printed right at the photo station. These pictures usually end up on anywhere from their fridge at home to their bulletin board in their office. Your message is always prominently displayed in the photograph as a constant reminder of who made the fun possible — your company. Ensure that your event is remembered.

Ensure that your event is remembered.

Life at Play wants, facilitates and encourages the sharing of your event photos via email, texting and social media tools. More sharing means more impressions. More impressions means more people impressed with your event and message.

Conferences, conventions and more.

The Life at Play event photography service will help your event, your corporate sponsorship and your product or service be remembered long after your event is
over. Check out the list of corporate events on the right that Life at Play will enhance.


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