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"I would enthusiastically recommend Life at Play to anyone
looking for fun and energy in their public or staff event."
- Director of Mercy Marketing and Communications 


Our Vision

Life. n. 1) the general or universal condition of human existence.

At. preposition 1) used to indicate occupation or involvement.

Play. n. 1) fun or jest, as opposed to seriousness. 2) freedom of movement within a space.

Our company’s name sums up the essence of why we are in business. We believe that one of the paths to happiness in life comes from the connections people make and the memories they take away from these connections.

Life at Play creates a fun and exciting destination at your events where human connections are made and are forever recorded on photographs. Your guests will gravitate to our open photo station and wonder why people are laughing, dancing, playing, and hamming it up while occasionally being illuminated with flashes from the camera. Soon the photo station becomes the entertainment hub of your party and every guest will walk away from the photo station with their own 5x7 print. And not just any print. Your message, logo, or graphics will be a part of the photographs your guests receive.

But Life goes on and so does Life at Play. After the event, we connect to you and your guests via email and invite you to access our photo-gifting site. Whether it is ordering additional prints or ordering one of our amazing gifts, we are sure to bring play to your life.

Combined with proprietary software that (a) seamlessly converts photos into highly effective premium and marketing pieces; (b) uses the power of the internet and social media to expand the reach of Life at Play’s base event photography and marketing business; (c) reaches out to event attendees to remind them of the event and offers them additional alternatives to expand the impact and footprint of the event and event sponsor and their related photos; and (d) invites attendees to manipulate, print and purchase both event photos and their own photography, both in standard photo formats and on hundreds of premium products; the Life at Play idea is a viral, interactive, natural, fun, photography and marketing enterprise.


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