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Life at Play is committed to its brand and the expansion of that brand throughout the US and internationally. We are uniquely positioned for that expansion because of the business expertise of our team, our proprietary systems, the demand for event photography and marketing systems and our low cost of entry.

Life at Play is offering Life at Play licenses in your area. We would like to hear of your interest in owning a license to offer the Life at Play proprietary system in your area.

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How Life at Play is Different

Life at Play is a synergistic combination of a unique event photographic entertainment system and highly effective viral marketing program.

Our proprietary on-site photography system is unique in our industry and is supported by viral opportunities that reach individuals with high Social Networking Potential (SNP), motivating them to share messages in their networks.

How Life at Play Works

The combination of Photography and Viral Marketing is Life at Play!

We live in the social media era.

Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Digg, Youtube, Delicious, Friendster.

There are 1.1 billion active Facebook users alone who load 10.5 billion photos of themselves, their friends and their families every 30 days. That’s over 350 million photos a day. And that’s just Facebook.


Using its proprietary software, Life at Play has added social media connectivity solutions to an already wildly popular activity; event photography.

Life at Play event photography and viral connectivity concept greatly enhance the fun, reach, impression and commercial viability of: Personal Events (e.g., wedding receptions; school reunions; birthday parties); Corporate Events (e.g., corporate holiday parties; annual dinners; trade shows); Corporate Sponsored Events (e.g., charitable, civic and athletic events); Venue Events (e.g., theatres; clubs; convention, reception and banquet halls); and Conventions (e.g., professional, union, industry and trade association conventions).

Your event and your corporate sponsorship of that event should be memorable AND WILL BE WITH LIFE AT PLAY! Your company’s brand and trademark / trade name should be remembered long after the event AND WILL BE WITH LIFE AT PLAY!

After all, while we support our causes, if we really did not want our brand to be affiliated with them, all our sponsorships would be anonymous. Life at Play makes sure your brand is anything but anonymous.

Say goodbye to impersonal and ordinary premium items you used to buy to remind people of your event, company, product or service. No need for printed matchbooks, pens, stress balls, coffee mugs, magnets, notepads and calendars. Most of those get lost, tossed, ignored or neglected within the first few days of your event anyway.

The Life at Play system insures that your event, company, product or service is remembered and shared by your guests by appealing to something they’re actually interested in . . . themselves!

Life at Play supports, facilitates and encourages the sharing of your event photos via email, texting and social media tools. More sharing means more impressions. More impressions means more people impressed with your event and message.

We bring event photography to a new level; bringing our state of the art photo stations to your event and permitting your guests / attendees to take their own photos, resulting in shots that are attractive, natural, fun and “share worthy”. Our event photography gets people interacting. It’s an event all to itself!

Ever notice how with traditional event photography, the “smiles” of your guests tend to look more like grimaces? The people in the photo look a little uncomfortable; their smiles a little contrived?

Our interactive, open photo stations go with the flow of your event, permitting your guests to create their own photos, ham it up with our props, ham it up with their friends, get “down and funky” with their shots with the Life at Play photo station music, see the photos (up to 4) that they have taken, and select the one(s) they like most.

Every guest takes their favorite individual or group photo(s) with them to post on their fridge, bulletin board, in their office, etc. Each photo prominently displays your event information, trademark, trade name and/or other identifying information so that the guest is reminded of what fun they had at the event and who made that fun possible.

Within a week of your event, our Life at Play system contacts each guest / attendee and encourages them to post their selected event photo on their favorite social media to share with others. Our system also invites them to order and share, through multiple channels, additional prints of their and others’ photos from your event. All photos, of course, sharing your trademark, trade name and/or event or other identifying information.

Not only can your guests / attendees order and share photos, but they can actually edit each photo and personalize any of hundreds of premium items (e.g., coffee mugs, mouse pads, Christmas ornaments, pillow cases) with any of your event photos.

Your guests can also upload their own photos to the Life at Play system, edit, develop and print them in any one of many configurations and photo-personalize any of our hundreds of premium items.

Life at Play becomes THEIR life at play! If you are interested in becoming a US Life at Play licensee please complete the form to the right. We will contact you to explain the opportunity as soon as possible.


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