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How the Life at Play event photo station works.

Our interactive, open photo stations go with the flow of your event, permitting your guests to create fun photos, ham it up with our props, ham it up with their friends, see the photos that have been taken and select the one(s) they like most.

Step 1: Plan your event

We will work with you during the planning stage of your event to design your logo and graphics to be printed on your guests' photographs. We will also determine the ideal location of the photo station at your event.

Step 2: Set up

Prior to the start of your event, our professional attendants will set up our open photo station and test our equipment to achieve the highest quality of photographs and prints at your location.

Step 3: The fun begins

Our hip and fun photo station with customizable music will draw your guests to come in front of the camera to take amazing pictures.

Step 4: 1-2-3 CLICK

Your guests will be able to view themselves pose and have fun in front of a large monitor and our attendants will capture the photos at just the right moments.

Step 5: Print it

Your guests will be guided out of the photo station to the nearby print station where they will receive their high quality photo print that will include your logo or personal message.

Step 6: Share it

Within seconds of capturing photos, they will be available for your guests to download to their smart phone.

Step 7: Repeat steps 3 through 5 as often as you'd like and have even more fun 


Step 8: Follow Up

Your guests will receive an email thanking them for their attendance and will be invited to the Life at Play website where they can view their event photo albums, upload other photos, order prints and enlargements. 


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