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Referral Partner

Become a Referral Partner with Life at Play

Do you plan or facilitate Personal, Corporate, Corporate Sponsored, Venue or Convention Events? Does your business deal with people who do? Do you own or manage a Nightclub, Restaurant, Theatre, Reception Hall, Bridal Shop, Party Planning Business, Catering Business, Tuxedo Rental Shop, Banquet Hall, Convention Hotel, Convention Center, Athletic Center or any other business that deals with people who hold events or venues where people gather for events? Do you enjoy introducing people to an exciting, fun product? If any of the above describes you, Life at Play would be honored to have you as a Referral Partner.

As a Referral Partner, we will pay you a significant referral fee (“Referral Fee”) for each event sponsor you refer to Life at Play who purchases our event services for at least one event during the one year period following that event sponsor’s initial contact with us.

You will be deemed to have referred an event sponsor so long as that event sponsor identifies you (verbally or through email) during our initial contact with that sponsor as the person who referred them to Life at Play. We will notify you once a potential event sponsor properly and timely identifies you as the referrer and will pay you the Referral Fee(s) shortly after the event for which your referred sponsor pays for the Life at Play event services.

A Referral Partner can be a business or an individual. All Referral Partners are welcomed and encouraged to do “home shows” at the Referral Partner’s location. Life at Play will supply the photo station and the attendant to introduce your guests to the Life at Play system, services and products. Each guest will try the system out and will leave with photographs from your home show which will display your own message. You will receive a fee for the home show itself plus other referral fees should your guests host an event.

We’d like to hear of your interest in becoming a Referral Partner. Please call 855-GOEVENT or 314-259-1359. You can also email us at

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